Unlike tai chi or meditation classes that are taught for six or eight weeks at the community center - our classes are continual, refining and advancing the forms & techniques, providing detailed instruction to the movements and purpose of the material; correcting posture, breath-work while advancing technique and ability.  If you are planning to come to class and just practice… that is not what we do, our material advances building off of the previous prerequisite material.


We are a martial arts school; one comes to school to learn and grow- teacher to student.  We provide you the information and expect you to practice at home incorporating the new, refined material into your daily practice after each class. Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan, and meditation require a daily practice as to master these skills takes a lifetime.


To advance from one level (colored sash) to the next one follows our outlined curriculum and then is tested on said material and must pass the teat in order to advance their training to the next level.


We begin each class with meditation

Much research has shown that meditation is one of the very best ways to cultivate the brain states of self-awareness, calm and inner peace, loving-kindness, mindfulness, and happiness – as well as strengthen the immune system and nurture other health benefits.

Weekly Meditation takes place at 6:00 pm. All of these classes provide a basic introduction to various types of meditation styles, meditation philosophy and training, and practice, suitable for beginners yet still engaging for those with more experience. Everyone is welcome, and although the classes are taught as part of the Tai Chi program, you can take the meditation component separately (Tai Chi students are mandated to take the meditation weekly as part of their training). Classes are easy to understand and apply to our daily lives.



There is no special clothing needed for these meditation classes; loose fitting clothing is suggested (Tai Chi students are expected to wear their uniforms).   The only shoes allowed on the matt are kung fu, wushu, and/or tai chi shoes that are worn only for class; no street shoes allowed in the training area.  We also suggest a meditation or prayer shawl for sitting meditation.  Students may wish to bring their own meditation cushion (zafu and/or zabuton ) or meditation bench (seiza bench) for class as none will be provide (seated meditation when done will be done on the thick soft training floor). Meditation practice will include variations of seated and moving meditation.



Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan Instruction


 Tuition does not include uniform, shoes, required weapons, or workshops and clinics (i.e. reiki, herbology, white tantra, guest instructor seminars, ect).  Kung Fu uniforms (Northern Style) of any color is required (you may purchase your uniform from any school or online store of your choosing) or approved school T-shirt and workout pants, kung fu, wushu, or tai chi shoes are the only acceptable footwear and are optional and are expected to be worn to classes by month 2 of your enrollment. 


Test Fees are separate and due one-week before date of scheduled testing ($50-$100/test as one advances: includes certification and sash upon passing). 

Shown is an example of the acceptable style kung fu uniform.  

Shown are examples of Tai Chi, Wushu, and Kunf Fu shoes. 

Before purchasing a tai chi sword or jo staff for your required forms we advise checking with Professor to insure you order the correct training weapon. 

Print coupon and bring into your first class for validation. Offer not valid with any other offer.